Declan Mortimer is the 16 year old CEO of "Slam Social Pty LTD" Currently funding and running multiple ventures, Declan has dropped out of high school to pursue his passion. Despite the challenge of being so young Declan has flipped multiple companies and is leading the media market. Declan has formed Slam Social Pty Ltd in hope to enlighten the world on his personal values and interests such as food, comedy, and discovery, in doing so Declan has amassed a huge following on multiple social media platforms. The future Declan is looking at for Slam Social Pty Ltd involves the companies surpassing of rival Billion dollar media teams.

Nicole Mortimer is the COO of "Slam Social Pty Ltd" Nicole is a fashion and beauty Blogger from Sydney, Australia. Also being the Mother to the CEO of Slam Social Pty Ltd"s CEO Declan. Nicole has largely contributed to the growth and groundworks of the company and in doing so has partnered us with the Mister G Gel Company, they have sky-rocketed Slam Social's brand together.